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VACON® NXP Common DC Bus


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VACON® NXP Common DC Bus
VACON® NXP Common DC Bus components
are designed to enable systems integrators,
machine builders, and OEMs to design and
build efficient industrial drives systems.

Comprehensive range
Build almost any kind of system imaginable,
with this fully complete range of components,
including inverter units (INUs), active frontend units (AFEs), non-

regenerative front-end
units (NFEs), and brake chopper units (BCUs).
Maximum uptime
Designed for absolutely reliable operation,
the common DC bus range supports full
availability with a minimum of operational

Minimal installation width
Reduce installation cost and space
requirements, with slim INU components
optimized for minimal width of the complete
drive line-up.

Power Range
DC @ 465 – 800 VDC 2 – 2000 HP single
DC @ 640 - 1100 VDC 3 – 2300 HP single
Parallel up to 4 modules with Drive Synch
3 x 380-500 V. . . . 2 to 2300 HP (1.5-1850 kW)
3 x 525-690 V. . . . . . 3 to 2250 HP (3-2000 kW)

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