Danfoss Inverter VACON® NXP Air Cooled


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VACON® NXP Air Cooled


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VACON® NXP Air Cooled
The VACON® NXP Air Cooled drive is designed
for a broad range of demanding industrial
applications, focusing on higher power sizes
and system drives.

Top performance
VACON® NXP control flexibility delivers
maximum motor control performance and
dynamics, in both single-shaft machines and
drive systems.

Configurable on all levels
Fully configurable I/O and fieldbuses cater for
any connectivity need. Fast optical drive-todrive communication gives you the flexibility
of load sharing and paralleling of power units.

Extremely flexible
Adapt the drive to many diverse usage
requirements by loading the VACON
application software that best suits the
needs. Built-in PLC functionality according
to IEC61131-1 enables you to create new
functionality in the drive to obtain cost
savings and deeper machine integration.

Power Range
3 x 208-240 V. . . . . 3/4 to 125 HP (0.55-90 kW)
3 x 380-500 V. . . 1.5 to 1800 HP (1.5-1200 kW)
3 x 525-690 V. . . . 3 to 2250 HP (2.0-2000 kW)

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