Solenoid Valve for WATER

โซลินอยด์ วาล์ว สำหรับ งานน้ำ

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Working fluidAir/low vacuum (1.33 x 103 Pa (abs))/water/kerosene/oil (50mm2/s or less)
Working pressure differential MPa0 to 1.0 (refer to max. working pressure differential in individual specifcations.)
Max. working pressure MPa2 (≈290 psi, 20 bar)
Proof pressure (water pressure) MPa4 (≈580 psi, 40 bar)
Fluid temperature °C-10 (14°F) to 60 (140°F)
Ambient temperature °C-10 (14°F) to 60 (140°F)
Thermal classClass 130 (B)
AtmospherePlace free of corrosive gas and explosive gas
Valve structurePilot kick poppet, piston drive
Valve seat leakage cm3/min(ANR)1 or less (air)
Mounting orientationUnrestricted
Body/seal materialBronze/nitrile rubber
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โซลินอยด์ วาล์ว งานน้ำ 1" 220VAC 60°C

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